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Auditing Standards Board (AuSB), Nepal has been constituted by the Government of Nepal on 26 Falgun 2059 corresponding to 10 March, 2003 under Nepal Chartered Accountants Act, 1997 (first amendment 2002). The AuSB consists of 7 members comprising a Chairman appointed by the Government of Nepal from Fellow Chartered Accountants and other members are representative of Ministry of Finance(MoF), representative of Office of the Auditor General(OAG), Three Chartered Accountants and One Registered Auditor nominated by the Government of Nepal on the recommendation of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal(ICAN).The board has full discretion in developing and pursuing the technical agenda for setting Auditing Standards. 

The main function of AuSB is to review existing practices in Nepal and to develop Nepal Standards on Auditing (NSAs) so that these may be issued and regulated by ICAN. While formulating NSA(s), the AuSB considers the applicable laws, customs, usages and business environments in Nepal . The NSAs are issued under the authority of the Chartered Accountants Act, 1997 (first amendment 2002). The AuSB issues Guidance notes on the issues arising from the NSAs wherever necessary. AuSB reviews and revises the NSAs at periodical intervals or as per the need of the respective standards.The AuSB determines the broad areas in which the NSAs need to be formulated and the priority in regard to the selection thereof. 

The AuSB, till the date, has formulated Nepal Standards on Quality Control (NSQC 1), 49 Nepal Standards on Auditing aswell as 3 guidance note, 1 practice statements and Nepal Framework for Assurance Engagements. 

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