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Past Chairman ( Ist Term to 6th Term)

 Past Chairmans and Tenure 

Term Name Duration
First Term Chairman Mr. Kaushalendra K. Singh, FCA From 2059/11/26 to 2062/11/25
Second Term Chairman Mr. Prabhu Ram Bhandari, FCA From 2063/04/08 to 2066/04/25
Third Term Chairman Mr. Nanda Kishor Sharma, FCA From 2066/04/26 to 2069/04/25
Fourth Term Chairman Mr. Bhanu Kandel, FCA From 2069/06/12 to 2071/02/11
Fifth Term Chairman Mr. Sunir Kumar Dhungel, FCA From 2071/03/10 to 2074/03/10
Sixth Term Chairman Mr. Anup Kumar Shrestha From 2075/05/14 to 2078/05/13




























































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